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Rajesh Krishna Birla


Education, the need of an hour is the core part to create and develop civilization, day and after. To maintain the civilization with ultimate aim of ideal human being all around, we need to cultivate the culture and habits of great personality in the students of our school.

As said, students of today will be citizens of tomorrow, we look forward to built physically and mentally sound human beings.

We at MPS have left no stone unturned in providing a very amicable and healthy environment. The education system here is not confined to academic excellence only, but also entails religious spiritual and moral dimension of life. We intended to build such personalities which are capable not enough to lead family and society but also the nation.

Education should help the students to enter into a gracious relationship with the world, to experience it as meaningful and worthwhile and enhance it. It should lead the student to reach beyond the minimum towards generating more life giving possibilities for self & others.

We occupy a special place in our educational system with our unique features. Teacher’s role is limited not just to the classroom but well beyond it.

Maheshwari Public School (Kota Rajasthan) feels proud in educating the students through a personalized approach, inculcating strong moral values, helping them to enter into a gracious relationship with the world to experience it as meaningful, worthwhile and enhance it. Leading the student to reach much beyond the maximum toward generating more life giving possibilities for self & others

Students are trained to view life holistically & creatively, face challenges in the life with the positive attitude, developing skills in responding to emergencies, promote social & environmental awareness and live a better and higher life.

MPS management & staff are constantly on their move to inculcate in the students the value of sound physical health, cleanliness, scientific & philosophical though, intellectual & critical enquiry, ethical practice, aesthetic creative expression, which are extremely important ingredients needed in the making of enlightened citizens of future